Electrical Services

It’s not always easy to know what you need for residential electrical services.

There are so many different aspects of your home that require electricity. All these various components vary in cost and importance, making it difficult to know which services you should be focusing on first.


Erickson Electric Company is here to help! Whether it be a small or large project, Erickson Electric will do it right the first time.

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The Erickson Value Promise

Our commitment to you is to provide safe, reliable and top-notch electrical services performed by licensed, trained and experienced electricians. Whether you just need a single outlet repaired or a full-service upgrade, Erickson Electric Company will work to exceed your expectations, generate cost-effective solutions and provide value-based service.

Outlet Repair / Installment

Do you need to install new electrical outlets? Older homes often do not have enough outlets or have areas without any power at all. You might also have an appliance that requires a higher amperage than currently available. Or perhaps you want to install a new device but don’t have enough capacity on the existing circuits. Erickson Electric can help with it all.
Electrical Outlets
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Circuit Breaker Replacement

A common home electrical issue is a circuit breaker that constantly trips. It could be a sign of circuit overload. When there are too many electrical devices on one circuit, they can draw more power than the circuit can handle safely. The electronic sensor system in the circuit breaker can detect when the ampacity of the circuit reaches unsafe levels, tripping the breaker. Our licensed and experienced electricians can help you identify the issue and replace circuit breakers as needed.

Electrical Service Upgrade /
Service Panel Upgrade

There are some sure signs you may need to upgrade the electrical service in your home. Burning smells, discolored outlets, flickering lights can mean trouble. Work with our licensed electricians to help determine the best course of action and get it fixed fast.
Circuit Breaker Box

Fuse Box Upgrade

Similar to other appliances in your home, your electrical system can malfunction. Faulty wiring issues, installing new large appliances, replacing fuses with circuit breakers, blown fuses, or even the constant use of extension cords can mean it’s time for a fuse box upgrade. Replacing your old fuse panel with a new circuit breaker panel will give you peace of mind.

General Electrical System Troubleshooting

Can’t figure out the problem with your home’s electrical system? Our professional electricians can solve the mystery! We’ll check your house’s wiring, circuit breakers, service panel and more to assess the problem and provide solutions.
Electrical Switch Install

Electrical Remodeling

Electrical remodeling of your home can completely transform how your home functions. Whether you live in an older home and want to update the wiring or live in a newer home and want to add smart technology throughout the house, Erickson Electric Company can do the job! We’ve helped customer partners make their homes function more effectively and efficiently.

Smart Home Technology

Thinking of upgrading your home to provide you with control of electrical operations when away from home?  Erickson Electric is on it!  Control your home’s lights from the office or have lights set to automatically come on when arriving home.  Set your thermostat up or down while on vacation.  Unlock the front door from your cell phone.  View camera feeds from anywhere. Contact Erickson Electric to unlock the possibilities of full remote control of your home.

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