Expanding and Upgrading Your Facility

Remodeling commercial and industrial facilities is an exciting challenge because it requires creating and implementing new solutions within an existing system. Erickson Electric has extensive expertise in this area, having remodeled dozens of commercial and industrial properties throughout central Minnesota. Whether you are expanding production or upgrading equipment, we will make sure your electrical remodel goes smoothly, meets your standards and results in an electrical system that will last for years to come.


Integrated Solutions

The key to every remodel is designing new components to work seamlessly with existing building systems. Our team will partner with you to review your facility’s current systems and determine how to best integrate them into your new system.

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No Disruption

Just because you are expanding does not mean that work stops. Erickson Electric strives to complete its work on schedule and on time in order to have the least possible impact on your facility’s operation regardless of the project scope or size. 


Ongoing Service

We care that our customer partners’ facilities continue to work safely and efficiently well into the future. Erickson Electric offers both commercial and industrial electrical maintenance services to all facility types.

Why work with Erickson Electric Company?

Adaptability. The electrical construction world is everchanging, with new electrical trends, technologies and products emerging every day.  At Erickson Electric, we work diligently to educate and train our staff regarding these exciting new opportunities so that we can provide our customer partners the most innovative and value-based service possible.

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