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There are few cookie cutter blueprints that work across commercial and industrial facilities. Your business is unique and so are the solutions that will address the electrical needs of your business. Erickson Electric works closely with our commercial and industrial customer partners to understand the overall and electrical goals of the project in order to design an electrical system to achieve these goals.  We can design build an electrical system for your facility that will be safe, reliable and tailored to your production goals.

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Attention to detail

From the outset of planning, we work to fully understand the nature of your objectives and requirements for your electrical system. Every element is crafted with your overall needs in mind and installed with the utmost precision.

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Up to Code

Every project we design meets the most rigorous standards of current electrical code. The electrical systems we design for your facility are built for safety, efficiency, and longevity.

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Custom Made to Order

The prime advantage of design build is that you have the opportunity to create an electrical system that does what you want rather than trying to alter a preexisting system. A custom designed electrical system based on your production, operation and efficiency goals means you can do more with your facility right out of the gate as well as be positioned for future growth.

Why work with Erickson Electric Company?

Competence. As a Class A Electrical Contractor employing licensed, experienced and highly trained electricians, Erickson Electric ensures you receive unsurpassed value combined with the most safe, professional and reliable electrical service possible.  Motivated by professionalism and personal pride, every Erickson Electric Employee demonstrates competence through high level craftsmanship, efficiency and customer service. 

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